About Kidz Oscar Ltd first opened its doors in 2006. It was founded by a working mum with three school aged children.

All our staff are police vetted and you child(ren) will be attending a Child Youth and Family approved programme.

We promote a "positive" environment within our programmes where all children and staff are treated equally and with respect. All children enrolled are encouraged to respect themselves, their peers, their physical environment and resources and the staff.

All children attending will have available to them the guidance, resources and space needed to:

- have breakfast in the morning or a light snack and a drink in the afternoon

- have the opportunity to take part in some form of exercise, either indoor or outdoors

- participate in some form of creative activity

- do their homework

- have some quite time

We offer a wide variety of activities for all the children to participate in during all our sessions. All activities are provided in a safe, fun and stimulating supervised environment which caters for children 5-13 years and all activities are able to be modified to meet the individual ability and the age of the children participating.

Children attending our programmes have access to a full range of sports equipment, games, arts and crafts, along with some electronics such as computers.

All staff actively supervise the children and take the lead where needed in planned activities. Staff love to get involved in the activities planned or unplanned that happen during any one of our sessions.

At our programmes we offer the option for children to work on their homework while being supervised by staff. This is done by joining our "Homework Stars" club. Children are encouraged and rewarded for their efforts and personal progress is easily seen on their chart.

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